TABLE ROCK LAKE, Mo. — People in Missouri can now go online to see the new plans and provide feedback for the Long Creek Bridge Replacement Project.

The Missouri Department of Transportation says Long Creek Bridge is over Table Rock Lake and has carried more than 8,000 cars a day for more than 60 years.

The current plan is to build a replacement bridge just south of the existing structure.

Beth Schaller, an engineer with MoDOT, says the Long Creek Bridge being entirely replaced will mean safer roads and fewer repairs every year.

“Last year, we had to close the bridge to do some repair work and we’ve made several repairs before that,” said Schaller. “So, it was just getting to that point where we just really needed a new bridge. As part of the work, we will also get a wider bridge because, right now, that bridge is very narrow. It’s about 22-feet and the new bridge will be 32-feet wide. It will be much more roomier and feel much safer to go across than it does right now.”

Construction is not set to begin until the spring of 2022 and Schaller says plans for the bridge are expected to be done in September 2020.

To view the plans and provide feedback to the Long Creek Bridge Replacement Project, click here.