12/19/2022 UPDATE: The Marionville Police Department has given an update on the crash that killed a woman on Saturday.

Police have identified Penelope (Penny) Miller of Aurora, Missouri as the woman who died Saturday afternoon.

The crash occurred when a 1998 Honda Accord, occupied by passenger Penelope Miller, traveled southbound from Western onto Highway 60 and into the path of the 2015 GMC Sierra. The two cars collided, leaving major damage to both cars.

Penelope Miller died of her injuries on the scene, and the driver was sent to a local hospital for medical treatment.

Original story:

MARIONVILLE, Mo.- One person died following a two-vehicle crash in Marionville, Missouri on Saturday.

According to the official Aurora and Marionville Police Department’s Facebook page, the crash occurred around 4:30 pm on Saturday at the intersection of Hwy 60 and Western in Marionville.

Fire and medical personnel responded and found multiple injuries due to the crash. One person died from their injuries on the scene.

The Aurora and Marionville Police Department have not identified the individual who died, but they thank the fire and ambulance personnel who helped with the crash.