BRANSON, Mo. – A family visiting Branson from St. Charles for fall break is leaving with unintended memories.

“All of a sudden in my mind, I’m like, ‘I heard something, Sheryl Rowley said. “But you hear a lot of things on a train. And I felt like a weird jolt. And then next thing I know, I’m looking at the grass.”

Rowley, her daughter-in-law Satheavy Moore, and her two granddaughters, Layla, and Teagan Moore were on the Frisco Steam train at Silver Dollar City when it derailed Wednesday night.

“I saw lots of people hurt, a lot of screaming babies. We helped a lady get out. Actually, in the seat behind her, her leg was underneath her and we helped her out.” Rowley said.

“I just heard, like, a clicking noise. I turned around and I saw the third train just fall over and then it [tripped] the second train. And then our train fell over with them. And yeah, it was crazy” Layla Moore said.

“I think a lot of us were just kind of in a state of shock. My hands were kind of shaking. I was just trying to look around and make sure nobody else was hurt.” Satheavy Moore said.

“I was okay. I was scared. And but eventually, I got like more calmed down and I was walking around’ Teagan Moore says.

Satheavy Moore says she thought the derailment was part of the show.

“I thought it was just part of the ride,” Moore said. “I’ve been on other train rides before where they have a fake earthquake and I thought that’s what was happening at first. But then we started tipping a little bit more steeply and I just realized, ‘Oh no, this is real.”

The incident resulted in six guests and one employee being sent to the hospital, but Silver Dollar City says all but one has been released.

“Little kids were like crying and everything, but I was thinking that everything was okay.” Layla Moore said. “There are some people who didn’t look all right and the adults helped them.”