SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — If you live next to a place covered with garbage and trash strewn all over the yard, there’s something you can do about it. 

These places are called nuisance properties; thanks to a few municipal ordinances, the city of Springfield can actually go in and clean those up.

“We just want the public and the citizens to know that their habits and practices do impact their neighbors and impact Springfield as a community and as a whole and be reminded that through city ordinances we can come in and correct that,” said Harlan Hill, with Springfield Building Development Services.

To report the property, you’ll need to call the city of Springfield Resource Center. After that, inspectors will be sent to see if the property deemed a hazard to health, safety and welfare of Springfield citizens.
Ozarks First spoke with a woman who lives near one of these nuisance properties. She asked not to be identified but says it’s frustrating because she never knows what she will see in the trash near her home.

“The problem is, we, as residents have to live next to it,” the woman said. “And I have to go out my door and I have to see that.”

The owners of these nuisance properties are responsible for footing the bill. 
The city of Springfield says it is working on a council bill to address repeat offenders.

If you would like to report a nuisance property, call the City of Springfield Resource Center at 417-864-1010.