BRANSON, Mo. — A non-profit in Branson is working on building tiny homes and providing transportation after receiving a sponsorship. Governor Mike Parson visited Elevate Branson when he awarded the non-profit a block grant of $1.9 million.

Now, Elevate Branson is looking for volunteers to help clear away trees and brush so the “Elevate Community” property can be ready to receive its tiny homes.

“We will probably start seeing some land clearing maybe by the end of march…and we’re hoping to have houses sometime in October,” said Brian Stallings, CEO and executive director of Elevate Branson.

Stallings says 16 of the 24 tiny homes have already been fully paid for, which leaves eight more homes in need of funding.

Elevate Branson is also looking to help people have transportation to go along with a place to live. The executive director of My City Rides, Andy Nix, said he is partnering with Elevate Branson to help people get scooters for an affordable price.

“We train, equip and support folks through a 36-month purchase of a motor scooter,” said Nix. “That includes not only the vehicle but all of the gear, the training, the licensing, the insurance, the service maintenance over that three-year period.”

Stallings said he found out about My City Rides during a tour of one of their tiny homes. Nix had heard of the Elevate Community program and went to tell Stallings about the transportation program he worked on in Memphis, Tennessee.

Everything is still in its beginning stages, but Stallings said he hopes to make the tiny home purchases needed by July to stay ahead of the supply chain issues.