GREENE COUNTY, Mo. — Anyone who wants to submit an absentee vote in Greene County for the April 4 election can do so for two weeks starting March 21.

Absentee voting officially began on Feb. 21, but until March 21, only people with valid excuses could participate. Beginning Tuesday, voters will not need an excuse to submit an absentee ballot ahead of the April 4 election.

According to a press release from the Greene County Office of the County Clerk, in-person absentee voting will be available at the Greene County Elections Center at 1126 N. Boonville Ave. from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday. On Saturday, April 1, people will be able to visit the location from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

To submit your in-person absentee vote, you must have one of the following forms of photo ID:

  • A valid Missouri driver’s or non-driver’s license.
  • A valid military ID or veteran’s ID.
  • A valid United States passport.
  • Another form of photo ID issued by the U.S. or Missouri.

If you want to vote by mail, you will have to provide a reason for doing so. Those reasons include:

  • Absence on Election Day.
  • Incapacity due to illness or physical disability on Election Day.
  • Religious reasons.
  • Employment as an election authority.
  • Incarceration.
  • Confidentiality programs.

If you want to see what will be on your ballot, you can visit the City of Springfield website or tune into Ozarks First for upcoming elections coverage.