NIXA, Mo. – Nixa Police Department is requesting the public’s help in finding those responsible for vandalizing the new playground at McCauley Park.

The City of Nixa said in a release Saturday, April 15 that security camera footage shows four individuals walking near the back of The X Center around 2:15 am.

The release said the vandals used blue spray paint to damage the new inclusive playground.

The new playground equipment was installed over the last few weeks and a ribbon-cutting ceremony planned for the playground’s opening will now have to be postponed.

“Parents: Please talk to your middle-school and high-school-aged children about the importance of respecting our shared public property, and how vandalism impacts their community. Nixa Parks & Recreation continues to deal with frequent vandalism of park facilities which damage the playgrounds where younger children want to be able to play and the public restrooms which are provided as a convenience to those who use the parks,” said the release.