NIXA, Mo. — Nixa Police say a one-month-old baby who was held hostage is safe. The baby was alert, according to police, and EMS on the scene said the baby looked great when getting checked out.

The man involved was arrested. Charges will be placed Thursday morning.

City of Nixa Director of Communications, Drew Douglas, said police had to take every precaution possible knowing there was a baby involved.

“Nixa police when we learned that there was a baby inside the house that was our number one priority obviously, the safety of that baby,” Douglas said. “We were not gonna leave until we had that baby safe. Nixa police worked really hard to take into consideration every decision made along the way was really all about the safe recovery of that baby.”

Douglas said neighbors were encouraged to evacuate during the situation.

Neighbor, Jamie Fargo, said she knows a woman who lives there. She said tonight she can take a big sigh of relief knowing the baby is safe.

“Normally it is pretty quiet,” Fargo said. “You don’t really have anybody or no action, or really anything going on, just really everyone being neighborly. This is the first that I’ve ever seen something to this degree.”

ORGINAL STORY: Nixa Police have blocked through-traffic access on Barracuda Street after a male suspect has barricaded himself and a one-month-old inside a home.

Police initially responded to a domestic dispute. The call resulted in probable cause for arrest to be found for a male on the scene.

On arrival to the scene, the male suspect barricaded himself and the baby inside.

Public access near the home has been restricted as a precaution.

This is a developing story. More information will be provided as it becomes available.