MARSHFIELD, Mo. – The Marshfield School District is hoping new equipment can increase the safety of student bus riders.

New cameras are being installed on district buses to crack down on bus stop-arm violations. It’s Missouri law that drivers must stop on all two-lane roads for school buses when the stop arm is extended.

However, not everyone follows the rules. “Through about six weeks of school right now, I think we have 18 violations,” said Asst. Superintendent of Operations Rocky Valentine.

Valentine said they don’t necessarily think violations are increasing this year. Instead, violations are now easier to track.

“We have a camera on the very front that sees everything that a driver sees,” said Valentine. “Also, we have a camera on the side.”

He explained that, before, there was no evidence to prove a driver didn’t stop. Now, the cameras make it harder to say it didn’t happen.

“We’re able to see far more citations being written,” said Valentine. “No one likes, you know, for people to have tickets and different things like that. The flip side of that is heaven forbid we have a situation where a student is struck.”

The hope is that the cameras can bring more education and awareness surrounding school bus safety.