SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Graduating high school can be scary, especially if you don’t know what to do next.

Ozarks Technical Community College is partnering with Hillcrest High School to help students find their career paths.

A student success advisor will work at hillcrest 40 hours a week assisting students with any path they want to take after high school, including going to college, universities, or going straight into the workforce.

“High school is a lot about transition,” said Dr. Rob Kroll, principal of Hillcrest High School, “some of us have the tools that we need to make the transition successfully, and some of us need extra help.”

Dr. Kroll said this collaboration can open a lot of doors for students, “we have a lot of kiddos who are under-resourced.”

“They meet one-on-one with students, they help with exciting things like FAFSA completion and act preparation, all of those things that are very necessary for postsecondary attainment,” said Steven Fause, college director of student success at Ozarks Technical Community College.

And if students are looking at seeking higher education, “giving students who might not think I’m college material, giving them the right knowledge about all that’s out there, technical trade programs, to healthcare programs,” said Fause, “they take them on college visits, they help with housing applications if the student’s going to live on campus. Scholarship applications.”

And if students don’t want to attend university, “we have approximately 20% of our student body looks for a 4-year degree, about another 20% they are pursuing 2-year degrees of our graduates, and then the other 40 percent, they are seeking some sort of employment,” Dr. Kroll said.

“They can start having those conversations not based on the idea of college but based on supporting the life that they want,” said Fause, “we’re excited to partner with Hillcrest, and many years of a fruitful partnership.”

Another path students may want to take is the military.

The student success advisor can also assist students if they choose to serve.

The new advisor is expected to start this fall semester.