SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Projections leading into Tuesday’s midterm elections showed a Red Wave pouring into the nation’s capital.  

However, voters had other ideas in mind. 

“Press and opponents are predicting a giant red wave. It didn’t happen.” President Joe Biden said to reporters Wednesday. 

The House of Representatives is expected to swing back in the favor of the GOP, but multiple senate races are still up for grabs. 

Mark Alford, who won the District 4 race in Missouri says while the Red Wave may not have been nationwide, it was present during his election. 

“I think we definitely had a red wave inside the Fourth Congressional District. We took 71% of the vote to our Democratic opponent.” Alford said. 

Alford says a narrow victory in the House for republicans can be a good thing heading into his first term. 

“For me personally, it’s somewhat beneficial in that it’s going to give me more room to be a loud voice in Congress when you have potentially 45 members coming in, all great people who have agendas and who have a voice of their own speaking for their district in America, it kind of dilutes the playing field,” Alford added. 

The Congressman-elect is confident regardless of the margin, conservative leaders in Washington will get to work. 

“Overall, in the nation, we’re not done yet,” Alford said. “We are going to have a majority in the House and we’re going to be able to get things done” 

KOLR10 reached out to District 7 winner Eric Burlison Wednesday but he was not available. 

We spoke to Burlison Tuesday after his election win about how he plans to take on Democrats. 

“Our actions need to be swift and bold, and we need to step in when this president is not leading,” Burlison said. “We need to lead, and when they’re trying to abuse certain agencies of the federal government, like the Department of Justice against American citizens, we need to rein that in and stop it.”