SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Mercy Hospital is in the preliminary stages of expanding its services in South Springfield. 

This ER will be built right near the Greene County and Christian County line the ER will be located on the same campus as the Mercy Orthopedic Hospital Springfield.

The new Mercy ER would allow people ln places like Christian County to get care faster.

“I think people would consider going there rather than just waiting 3 hours and they’re in the waiting room and maybe quicker,” said Shelby Ince, a Springfield resident. “Quicker in the room, quicker out of the room, quicker help for them.” 

Christian County Commissioner Lynn Morris said he had a recent incident when he had something stuck in his eye. 

“We proceeded to call every Mercy Urgent Care because I was trying to avoid an er, but I knew that’s what I would have to do if I couldn’t get help. and they were all busy,” Morris said. “They had all patient slots filled. I did get to ambulatory mercy on south national urgent care inventory center.” 

Mercy Hospital said in a statement that they are “in the preliminary stages of expanding services in southern Springfield with a comprehensive emergency department that will provide more access to care when and where the community needs it.”   

“I think that ER will probably be pretty busy just with some Christian County people because it would save us an additional 20 minutes to drive time into Springfield,” Morris said. “and the wait times in Springfield are pretty long.” 

Mercy said the full-service emergency department is scheduled to be open in 2025.