SPRINGFIELD, Mo – BigShots Golf had a soft opening Monday afternoon.

BigShots Golf is a tech-based golf driving range located at the old Kmart on North Glenstone and Kearney. Utilizing doppler radar technology, BigShots tracks your ball as it flies in the air while a screen shows you your statistics and score.

“When you swing here, it’s actually your real swing,” said Assistant General Manager Michael Schmitz. “So, for the golfer, that’s pretty neat. And for the beginner, that’s pretty neat because you’re actually practicing with a real ball.” He says there are different types of games and courses you can play.

The 37,000 square-foot facility also includes a restaurant and a bar. The nets that surround the range go up to 275 feet in the air.

Schmitz hopes BigShots Golf will be a destination not only for the local community but also for the people who attend the Branson golf courses.

“We think this place is one of the best little hidden gems in the country. That’s why we live here. And that’s also why we’re so excited to have this here. We took this rather beautiful piece of land in size to do something really epic and we took it and we flipped it and we added energy back to it; and not just energy. We brought a fresh approach that also gives something very unique to Springfield.”

BigShots Golf intends to have their grand opening in mid-June.

BigShots Golf is located at 1930 E. Kearney St.

For pricing and hours go to: https://www.bigshotsgolf.com/