SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – January 5 is the last day families could catch a movie at Regal Hollywood Theaters on College Station. But, the building is here to stay.

“We are going to be working with the owners of the theater to look at new uses for that,” Downtown Springfield Association Executive Director Rusty Worley said. “We still believe that there’s a lot of potential for that individual site.”

The theater originally opened 15 years ago.

“It was opening right at the beginning of the Great Recession back in late 2008,” Worley said. “The green grass on either side, those pods were actually designed and developed for additional restaurant retail space. It was designed to have two stories where it’s a restaurant and retail space flanking either side of the theater and then a connection over it.”

Worley said with more investments coming to Springfield, there are many ways developers can use the building space.

“The Grant Avenue Parkway will be investing $26 million in the Greenway connection between downtown and Bass Pro Shops, and that comes right on College Street,” Worley said. “The only movie screens north of Battlefield Road are The Moxie and Regal College Station. So there’s a huge potential market here in Center City in North Springfield that can be well served by a downtown theater.”

Worley said the decision on what the building will be used for will be based on the market. But, Hollywood Theaters is not the only place getting a fresh start.

“Anything that brings foot traffic down here for us is fantastic,” Stick It In Your Ear Owner Erik Milan said. “The hotel across the street now, the new one that’s going up right behind us, [will] bring people in from other states, other countries.”

That new hotel will be the Moxy Hotel opening later this year. As for Hollywood Theater, business owners and the Downtown Springfield Association are excited to see what’s next for the building.

“I hate to see any business go under or have to close for a while,” Milan said. “But when one door closes, another one opens. Hopefully, something comes in that will last a long time or be something that people enjoy.”