SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – People who live in a North Springfield neighborhood are speaking out against a potential development near Grant and Talmage. 

“I can’t imagine how anyone would think this would be a great spot for so many new residences. I have not met a single person who’s really happy about it at all,” Steve Askins said. 

Developer Mike Stalzer is in agreement with an option to buy the gymnasium and soccer field owned by Baptist Temple.  

If Springfield City Council approves the bill for the plans, the over 6-acre space would become apartments and homes. 

One worry by nearby neighbors is entrances and exits and increased traffic on Talmage and Missouri Ave. 

“The school across the street has a lot of traffic in the mornings, in the afternoons, and even with a wider street like this, it’s just always chaos,” Askins said. 

“Yeah, it’s going to get worse,” Fred Sherwood said.  

“There was a traffic study done. The traffic study stated that no improvements were needed. The relative impact was negligible,” Stalzer told the city council Monday night. 

One neighbor tells KOLR10 construction for the project would take part of his property. 

“Right behind me would be the exit, and from what the developer has told us, it will be coming in ten feet into my yard to extend the existing road and then add a sidewalk in,” Chandler Ray said. “I’ve already got small property and they’re going to take more.” 

Stalzer addressed that construction on Monday in front of the city council. 

“We’re required to complete the construction of that portion of the street, which is unfinished. So currently half the street is built,” Stalzer said.  

Stalzer also told the city council he had held a meeting in December for the neighborhood with updated plans. 

“On the coldest day of the year, he decided to have another neighborhood meeting over here and only five people showed up,” Sherwood said.  

“The last public meeting that we had was on December 22nd. I don’t know if any of you remember, but that’s when it was about -30 degrees [wind chill] outside,” Ray added. 

“It’s not much different than what was originally proposed. And their attitude towards the project wasn’t much different either,” Stalzer told the council. 

When asked to comment Wednesday, Stalzer declined to speak to KOLR10. 

The city council will vote on the measure on February 21.