SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – General Goings has been in west-central Springfield for more than a decade.

But he said the neighborhood isn’t what it used to be.

“This neighborhood was quiet. But here lately, in the last four years, four or five years, it’s been heavy with drugs,” said Goings.

Springfield police were at a home on South Nettleton this afternoon after a man in his late teens was shot in his lower back.

“We believe that the suspect and the victim had known each other. We don’t know the circumstances around what led up to the shooting. The suspect had taken off before we had a chance to speak.” said Springfield Police Lt. Steve Schwind.

“I heard a gunshot and I come back out and the police were coming up there and that and there was a man and a young man and a woman and a red colored vehicle they the boy was kind of leaning over and she was standing around outside and then a few minutes later, police cars come up,” said Goings.

He says police have come around more recently than before.

“Police have been down here after several times a month to get it squared up and cleaned up. But I thank the police force for what they’re doing,” said Goings.

Another neighbor was at work when the shooting happened but has lived in the area for years.

“Well, it’s kind of scary,” said Ladena Bertrand. “It’s changed quite a bit since the four years I’ve been here. Especially when we had the drive-by and all that stuff, it’s, you know, it’s frightening.”

She adds an increased police presence helps.

“I like it when they patrol up and down because to me, I feel safer when they’re coming up and down and checking things.”