CHRISTIAN COUNTY, Mo. – Chantry Hale was charged with 1st-degree murder and armed criminal action following the death of his father Jimmy Hale 

The Christian County Sheriff’s Office is investigating while Hale is being held in the Christian County jail.  

Bob Courtney knew Jimmy Hale and he said Hale was a musician, he loved horses and riding motorcycles. 

“I played music with him and I seen him just around town and different things,” said Courtney. “You know, and he’s just been a friend for 30 years. 

Courtney said Hale was embedded in the community… and things like this don’t happen often in a place like Sparta.  

“There’s tragic things go on that but man to get shot and killed and then when your own family does it, that’s unbelievable,” Courtney said. “You know, and you just don’t think that happens here. but it does.” 

Courtney said he was shocked when he found out Hale had been killed, but he finds comfort in his faith. 

“I know his heart and I know what the bible says,” Courtney said. “So I believe he’s gone on to greater rewards, and I’m almost envious.” 

This case is even more difficult for friends to process since Jimmy Hale’s own son is accused of the killing. 

Courtney said Hale would have been forgiving, but Courtney is still hoping for justice.  

“Even though he can be forgiven, and it can’t be forgot,” said Courtney. “And he’s going to he’ll have to stand trial, and I don’t think he’ll ever get out, and justifiably so.”