MT. VERNON, Mo. – Four dogs and two cats were taken from a home in Mt. Vernon after police say there were extreme signs of neglect and abuse.

Rescue One took in these animals, and shared on social media that they were from the same house where a dog was taken recently that had a swastika painted on it.

“Once we got out there, we realized this was a familiar location that we had been to before where we had gotten a different animal that was undergoing the same type of abuse,” said Michele Rehkop, the adoptions coordinator for Rescue One.

Mt. Vernon Police Chief David Hubert said they aren’t legally allowed to take every animal from its owner if one is abused. He said there has to be evidence of abuse for every animal that’s surrendered.

“Really our hands are tied,” Hubert said, “I mean, if there are signs that they’re fed and watered, we can’t just take them because we don’t feel that they’re being taken care of properly. So we have laws that we have to go by.”

Rescue One says cases like this are unfortunately part of the job.

“It was something that was really frustrating, but also rewarding that we were able to help get the remaining animals out of that home with the assistance of law enforcement and bring them to safety,” Rehkop said.

Alexssa Kiel has fostered over 20 animals. She said there is always a need for foster parents, especially for abuse cases.

“We need people that are willing to take the time to get those dogs to trust again and heal from all of the trauma that they’ve endured,” Kiel said, “Somebody that can just, you know, teach them that not every human is the same.”

“If you cannot afford to take care of your animal, surrender it to a shelter to somebody that can take care of it the way they need,” Hubert said.

The animals are currently being treated by a veterinarian.