SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A group of local college students is embarking on the journey of a lifetime as they get the chance to go to Arizona and experience the Super Bowl.

However, it isn’t just for fun.

The 16 entertainment management students from Missouri State University are volunteering at the big game for a hands-on learning experience.

The past days, the group said, have consisted of volunteer training.

“We’re going to just help out with lines,” said Abigail Young, who is one of the MSU students. “We’re just going to help give the Super Bowl experience and the guest service experience that they deserve, especially when they put in so much money.”

Those involved are part of the Entertainment Management Association at MSU.

Throughout the years, the group has formed connections to get these types of opportunities.

“I think the biggest thing I’ve learned through experiences is that no matter how small your jobs is, you’re just like standing somewhere directing people to where the nearest exist is, you are so important no matter how small your jobs is,” said Tahniya Redus, one of the MSU students. “There’s going to be 10,000 volunteers at the Super Bowl and every single one of us is going to have an important job to do.”

The students said they’re getting to learn a lot about the terminology associated with the industry.

All the skills could help prepare them for their future careers.