SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — All westbound lanes on James River Freeway will be closed starting Saturday, September 16th and both westbound ramps will also be shut down impacting drivers and local businesses. 

Trista Mann works for Club Pilates in Farmers Park just off the highway. 

“There will be probably a few less people just because people don’t want to deal with the traffic,” said Mann. “But generally I think the people who are committed to coming and working out will simply leave their homes earlier and take a different route.” 

Mann said while she doesn’t think there will be a decrease in business, there will likely be more people coming in late. And those customers might have to be turned away. 

“I don’t enjoy having to turn people away,” Mann said. “But I just, after a certain amount of time, it is kind of unsafe to join class because they will have missed warmups and it is also distracting to people who are already in class.” 

Last month a sinkhole opened up on James River freeway and The Missouri Department of Transportation made some temporary repairs, but now they are going back in for a more permanent solution. 

“Our goal is first two days excavate, Monday fill, and then hopefully Tuesday, pour the concrete, let it cure,” said Laurel McKean MoDot Southwest District Assistant District Engineer. “And then Friday open it. That’s our that’s our goal.” 

MoDOT is encouraging drivers to take a different route while the freeway is under construction. 

“We’re asking individuals, if you’re coming in from Ozark, please take 14 CC over to, 160 and up. If you’re coming in from Rogersville, take 125,” McKean said. “And then if you’re here in, you know, in the Springfield area, use Battlefield Sunshine and Chestnut.”  

MoDOT is hopeful the delays will only last for a week, and the Freeway will be open again on Friday, September 22nd