SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- Shoppers are flooding local stores to stock up ahead of the expected winter storm and upcoming holiday weekend.

“The parking lot here, it’s as busy as I’ve ever seen it,” said Taylor Stevenson, who we talked to outside a Springfield Harter House.

“Right now, everything’s selling quicker, and you get into a snow scare and everything. So really, it’s not just one item.” Owner Randy Richards said. “It’s like having a forest fire, and somebody dumped gas on it. It’s just that they’re coming out a little early.”

Stevenson says despite the frenzy, he was in and out as people continued to prep.

“They’ve got plenty of people. So, I didn’t wait in line at all.” Stevenson said. “I thought it was going to be a wait, but they’re fully staffed today.”

He adds he’s noticed specific items going faster than others.

“They seem to think that the weather, especially their liquor section, is going pretty fast.” Stevenson said.

At Consumers Hardware, people are emptying shelves of certain items to protect their homes and car.

“It started probably at the end of last week. And then, of course, on Monday, everybody started coming in,” Owner Nicole Losh said. “Getting their heaters all repaired, getting window insulation, heat tape, fossil covers.”

Losh says some items have gone quickly, but others remain on the shelves for now.

“We have completely sold out of several boxes of the deicer because everybody’s prepping, knowing that it’s going to get so cold that they won’t be able to start their cars,” Losh said. “We haven’t really [sold] the snow shovels because I think everybody’s waiting to see if we actually get what they’re predicting.”