SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Just days following the Michigan State University shooting many students have heightened anxiety about safety on their college campuses.

“It’s a tragedy and my thoughts and prayers are with the families of the lost ones,” said Missouri State University student Samantha Vilson.

Monday night a man entered the campus of Michigan State University.

Killing three students and severely injuring five others before taking his own life.

Now college students at Missouri State University say they are worried about their safety on campus.

“The first initial reaction would just be like kind of how scary it is, cause that if it happens on that campus, could happen at any campus and you could just be walking around one day, going to class and you just don’t know like what could happen,” said Lucy Lueke, another student from Missouri State.

At Missouri State, they have protocols in place for students if there were ever to be a hostile intruder on campus.

Run… hide… and fight back.

But the students who I spoke with said that nothing could prepare them for something like that to happen.

“It feels like it happens all the time, which is super unfortunate, but it also just heightens my anxiety and makes me scared to be on a college campus,” said Vilson.

One student from Michigan State University suggested more access card security on campus.

This way it’s harder to walk into school buildings without a clearance card. We reached out to Missouri State on this issue but they didn’t get back to us today.