SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — According to AAA, Missouri has the fourth-lowest gas prices in the nation today.

The average cost per gallon of unleaded fuel in Missouri is $2.68 today. According to a press release from AAA, this is the sixth week in a row that the average price per gallon has dropped in the state. One month ago, Missouri was paying an average of $3.22 per gallon.

On this day last year, Missouri was paying $0.23 more for gas.

Several of the eight states bordering Missouri are also on the top 10 list for cheapest gas prices in the nation:

  1. Texas: $2.62
  2. Oklahoma: $2.67
  3. Arkansas: $2.68
  4. Missouri: $2.68
  5. Mississippi: $2.72
  6. Tennessee: $2.73
  7. Georgia: $2.73
  8. Louisiana: $2.75
  9. Wisconsin: $2.76
  10. Kansas: $2.76

Nationally, the average price of gas is $3.10.

You can find the cheapest gas prices in Springfield through the Ozarks First Gas Price Tracker.