JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.- 3/17/21: Ty Gaither and assistant prosecutors from the Missouri Attorney General’s office appeared in court today with Defense Attorney Adam Woody.

While not exactly on point in State v. Sullivan, the court held that a letter authorizing aid to local prosecutor from the Governor made at the request of the local prosecutor (and others) was sufficient.

A motion for change of judge was taken up and granted. The case was forwarded to Presiding Judge for reassignment.

3/10/21: Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt held a press briefing Wednesday to provide an update on the Circle of Hope investigation.

Schmitt says this case is one of the most widespread cases of sexual, physical, and mental abuse patterns against young girls in Missouri history.

Boyd Householder was charged with 80 felony charges and Stephanie Householder has 22 charges filed against her.

Boyd Householder has been charged with:

  • Six counts of second-degree statutory rape
  • Seven counts of second-degree statutory sodomy
  • Six counts sexual contact with a student
  • One count of second-degree child molestation
  • 56 counts of abuse and neglect of a child
  • Two counts of endangering the welfare of a child

Stephanie Householder has been charged with:

  • Ten counts of abuse and neglect of a child
  • 12 counts of endangering the welfare of a child

Boyd and Stephaine were arrested Tuesday and are being held in Vernon County. The Householders have been charged with 102 felonies between them.

According to Schmitt’s Office, Counts 1 through 22 in Boyd’s felony information document allege repeated statutory sodomy, statutory rape, and sexual contact with a student, detailing multiple incidents where Boyd had oral and sexual intercourse with a victim under the age of 17, as well as several incidents where Boyd placed his finger(s) in the victim.

“In total, the forensic interviews and statements of 16 victims were used to corroborate instances of alleged abuse,” Schmitt’s Office said.

Schmitt began assisting in the investigation in November 2020. In August, there were around 24 girls removed from the ranch by Child Protective Services.

Four women have filed legal petitions against Circle of Hope. The legal petitions include instances where the women were sexually abused by the Householder family, the ranch owners.

The AG’s Office is continually working to identify and contact victims, and urges anyone who has any information related to abuse at Circle of Hope Girls Ranch to contact his at 573-751-0309.