NIXA, Mo. — The cannabis industry is working to expand outside of Springfield and into smaller towns. Today is 4/20, and that means more people in the Ozarks will be out buying medical marijuana.

Dana and Makenna Sullinger, manager and marketing coordinator of Mojo dispensary, said they are seeing way more people compared to last year.

“We probably had around 100 pre-orders this morning alone,” said Dana and Makenna Sullinger. “We’ve probably seen already 100 customers on top of that.”

Owners of the Mojo Dispensary in Nixa, Missouri, said as the medical marijuana industry grows, it is important smaller communities also have access.

“It’s just like healthcare clinics, if you put a clinic there, the healthcare in the area is going to improve,” said Andrew Miller, a medical marijuana patient. “We’re from Nixa so we wanted to make a big difference in our community as much as possible.”

patients said the hope is events on 4/20 remove some of the stigmas that can surround medical cannabis.

“Cannabis has changed my life and helped in so many ways,” said Amy Longenecker, a medical marijuana patient. “It helps me mentally, physically with pain and all of that. I don’t have to use opioids and that’s really the main reason.”