TEXAS COUNTY, Mo. – A man has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for the kidnapping and murder of a 56-year-old woman.

55-year-old Kenneth Clark was sentenced Monday, August 1, 2022, to 25 years in prison for 2nd-degree murder, and 15 years in prison for kidnapping. These sentences will be served concurrently, however, so Clark will spend up to 25 years in prison in total.

Clark was also charged with Armed Criminal Action, but that charge was dismissed. According to court documents, Clark forced 56-year-old Susan Campbell into a car against her will in a Walmart parking lot. Clark is accused of then killing Susan J. Campbell and then attempting to kill himself.

Court records indicate Kenneth Clark, 55, entered an Alford plea during proceedings before Judge John Beger.

An Alford plea is a guilty plea whereby a defendant does not admit to the criminal act but admits the evidence would likely persuade a judge or jury to find the defendant guilty.