SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A man is accused of robbing a Springfield store at gunpoint.

Joseph Hutchinson is charged with first-degree robbery after he reportedly stole money from the cash register of Brown Derby in Springfield while pointing a gun at the cashier on October 2.

According to the probable cause statement, Hutchinson pointed the gun at the victim’s torso and said, “This is a holdup!”

Hutchinson was arrested on October 4 after he was identified by tattoos on his hands, as well as items found in his apartment during a search that matched what the robber was wearing. Hutchinson admitted to taking money from the store in an interview with authorities.

When SPD officers asked about the gun he had used in the robbery, Hutchinson said he had received it from an associate who helped him plan the robbery. He said he discarded it in a field and offered to show officers where he had left it.

Officers went with Hutchinson and found the gun, which upon further examination was found to be a Crossman Classic airsoft gun.

Documents state Hutchinson is a “career criminal” with multiple offenses including assault, burglary and more.