BRANSON, Mo. — One of the people charged with starting a fire in a Branson parking garage after using a drill to get gas from a tank has been sentenced to four years in prison.

Christian Sneath was charged with two counts of first-degree property damage after the November 2021 fire at the Branson Landing parking garage. He pleaded guilty Monday (1/24/22) and was sentenced to four years in prison for each count. The sentences are to be served at the same time.

Court documents show Sneath and Cordilia Niederhelman tried to siphon fuel from two vehicles at Cox Branson’s parking garage earlier in the evening before heading to the Branson Landing. Sneath admitted to using a drill to get gas from the tank of a GMC Terrain, but the drill slipped and caused a spark. The vehicle caught fire, causing damage to the Terrain and to the parking garage.

Sneath told investigators Neiderhelman was with him the entire time and co-conspired on the ideas. Neiderhelman is also facing first-degree property damage charges. She is scheduled to be in court Thursday. (1/27/22)