SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A local car enthusiast is spreading Halloween cheer by driving a giant 12-foot skeleton around the city.

“We’re just having a good time,” said car owner Brad Bashor and his girlfriend Erika Haas. The couple have been spotted all over Springfield driving an old rusty 1929 Ford Roadster. But what literally sticks out is the giant rusty skeleton they purchased from Home Depot last year. “This year we gave him a little update and made him match the car to make them look like they came out of the same hole!”

Bashor built the car about three years ago, finding parts from all over the country to bring the 94-year-old vehicle back to life.

“I enjoy the attention. I was an only child. So I didn’t get enough attention when I was a kid. So I’m trying to get attention now,” said Bashor. He said he gets people of all ages to compliment and take photos of the car. “The kids really like the horn.”

Despite a crash earlier this year, the age of the car, Bashor continues driving to wave at onlookers, get pictures taken and honk at crosswalk walkers. He said at one point the head of the skeleton fell off in the middle of the road.

“I had to apologize to everybody that had to stop in the road for me for that. I’m pretty embarrassed about that.” laughed Bashor.

If the skeleton didn’t catch your eye, the passenger might. Erika Haas likes to dress up in 1950s fashion like a pin-up model. She said that the 50s style has so much class, fun, and sexiness to it she can’t help but dress up, even when she goes grocery shopping.

“Get dressed up! Decorate your houses. Decorate your cars. Get ready for Halloween. It’s spooky season,” said Bashor.