SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – People from all over are heading to the Lake of the Ozarks this weekend to watch the Shootout.

The event, featuring high-speed boat races, is something people wait for every year. For local business owners, they said it brings in much-needed revenue as summer is coming to a close.

“Shootout and Bikefest, of course, are two of the biggest opportunities we have here at the lake to see new customers coming in and some of the old customers coming out to be participants in the races,” said Bonnie Cafe Owner, Melissa Hubbard.

At the headquarters for the event, Captain Ron’s Bar and Grill, businesses set up shop in tents right next to the water.

“It’s great exposure, especially for local businesses,” said Deanna Wolff, who owns a local business.

“There are so many local businesses that it’s hard for people to visit them all. To have them all here and you just walk around, it’s great for local businesses.”

With this being one of the last big events of the summer, businesses said they are soaking it in. They know things will soon slow down.

“We know we’re about to go into a downhill spiral,” said Hubbard.

People here for the Shootout told OzarksFirst that they’ve been in town for a few days already and have explored the area.

“They come in from all over the United States,” said Hubbard. “It’s entertaining to meet with some of them.”