SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – People across the Ozarks are remembering the country music icon, Loretta Lynn, who died Tuesday at her home in Tennessee.

In Springfield, one family has a special connection to the star.

Johnny Mullins wrote some of Lynn’s greatest hits.

“There’s Blue Kentucky Girl and Success,” said Peggy Mullins, wife to Johnny. “Success was the first one.”

Johnny died in 2009.

Tuesday, his family spent the day reflecting on their connection to Lynn.

“She’ll be missed,” said Peggy. “She really had a good lot of years.”

Johnny’s daughter, Melinda Mullins, said Lynn was like family.

“I think of Loretta Lynn almost like an aunt,” said Melinda. “We realize just how lucky we were.”

Melinda said the connection to Lynn, that her father had, went past just a professional relationship. 

“Dad and Loretta were friends,” said Melinda. “They were pen pals. They would call each other. It was a really special bond.”

The family said Lynn’s legacy will live on.