SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The people of Mississippi and Alabama are rallying together after a deadly tornado tore through parts of the Mississippi delta, one of the poorest regions in the US. 

Many non-profits have already made their way down to the area that the tornado-ravaged, killing 26 people.

One volunteer with the American Red Cross is a local and this is going to be the first time in her eight-year career as a volunteer that she will be in a supervising role.

“The children are our first heartbreak, I guess you could say,” said Martha Roberts. “The adults, we are going to get through this, but what are we going to do with the children?” 

From fires and hurricanes to floods and now tornados, Martha said sometimes the greatest need for families and those affected is just an ear to listen.

“One day at a time, just take care of what they have to need,” Roberts said. “It’s heartbreaking but it’s also rewarding — very much rewarding.”

Martha will supervise workers in Tupelo where a couple of miles down the road people in neighboring towns are without food, water, and electricity. 

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