HOLLISTER, Mo. – Following the St. Louis school shooting, local school districts remain on high alert for any threats.

Just last week, Hollister School District officials were informed of a potential school shooting threat. 

“Our administration started getting some texts and emails and phone calls from people with some screenshots of something that had been posted,” said Kim Connell, the communications director for the district. 

After an investigation, the threat posted on social media was later deemed not credible. 

Connell said the quick action from leaders was crucial.

“We’re always going to take it seriously,” said Connell. “You never want to just take for granted that it’s not serious.”

It shows, she said, that it takes people coming forward with information.

The saying to remember is, if you see something, say something. 

“Don’t assume that an administrator already knows,” said Connell. “We would rather have 50 people give us the same piece of information.”

While she said leaders are extremely thankful for the outcome in this scenario, it’s still very scary with the recent events in St. Louis.

“Our hearts go out to St. Louis,” said Connell. “That definitely hits close to home, you know, when it is actually a Missouri school.”

Officials said active shooter training will continue with local agencies. 

“They’re looking for any areas of potential weakness that they see,” said Connell.

Parents are encouraged to talk to their families about social media.