SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– A fundraiser this morning is helping a Springfield police officer get a little assistance.

Officer Mark Priebe was injured last week when a man drove his car outside the department, and pinned Priebe against a barricade with his SUV.

He has been in the hospital recovering, and on Monday the radio station 105-1 the bull broadcasted outside the Battlefield Mall parking lot to help raise money for the officer and his family.

It was a donut drive, with the Bull and Krispy Kreme coming together to raise some money for five hours Monday morning.

We heard from officer Priebe’s wife Heather to get an update on him.

Priebe says, “I’m staying positive. We’re staying positive. We’re excited to head to Colorado and get rehab started and try to keep our spirits positive and stay hopeful.”

She could not be more grateful to all those showing support.

Heather Priebe says, “It’s just been completely overwhelming, and we can’t thank you enough.”