SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– Local musicians are getting the chance to earn some money while their regular gigs are put off due to COVID-19.

It’s a virtual concert series called “music can’t be quarantined.”

The owners of The Acoustic Shoppe in Springfield have transitioned their tv set up inside their store to create a platform for musicians to live stream performances and still get a source of income through online donations.

John Chapman at The Acoustic Shoppe says, “We’ve raised average I’d say 1,000 to 1,500 dollars a night. I’d guess we’re close to 13,000 dollars that we’ve raised since we started this program.”

Chapman says it was a smooth transition turning their store and studio
into a platform for musicians to reach their fans when stages are still out of reach.

If you want to support The Acoustic Shoppe you can tune in to the “music can’t be quarantined” live streams on their Facebook page.