OZARK, Mo – Carley Touchstone says he is a man of immeasurable faith. 

“We’re at the border of Poland and Ukraine and what is before us? A beautiful sunrise. It’s hope.” Touchstone said. 

That’s why he, along with others from around the Ozarks took the journey to Ukraine to help rebuild churches. 

“42 Pentecostal churches had been destroyed or damaged. 43 Baptist churches.” Touchstone said. “More than 100 Russian Orthodox churches inside Ukraine. You see, they are destroying their own churches. That message messed with my brain and said we got to be proactive.” 

Touchstone is the project head with Ozark, Missouri based Builders International. 

“We believe every person deserves a place to find hope.” CEO Ryan Moore said. “We have a generous community of volunteers that give and that go on missions, trips to help make projects happen around the world.” 

Tom Moore went on the trip with Touchstone and says an area they were at was calm, until after they left. 

“We stopped to pick up some things before we left, and that’s when we got word that bombs were coming in or rockets were coming into the country.” Moore said. “We found out since leaving the country, found out they actually hit some infrastructure around Lviv.” 

Moore says the Ukrainians he met are still determined in the fight against Russia. 

“The feeling conveyed to me is that the Ukrainians do not want to live under communism and they’re willing to fight as long as it takes, as hard as it may be and as difficult as it may be.” Moore said.  

Touchstone says he’s confident the church repairs will get done. 

“We’re going to start with seven church buildings in the city of Kiev and surrounding area that are in the low impact zone as far as risk we’re concerned.” Touchstone said. “I believe we’ll get the first seven. Then we’ll get the second seven. And only the Lord knows how much that goes. We’ll work toward the end.”