SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Here locally, medical experts are discussing what happened to football player Damar Hamlin.

According to a statement from the NFL, Hamlin, 24, is in critical condition at a local hospital. He had gone into cardiac arrest during a Monday night football game.

Sports medicine specialists said the quick action from medical crews was key.

“Anything beyond three minutes before you get a defibrillator placed on that individual, chances of survival go down exponentially,” said Dr. Shannon Woods with CoxHealth Sports Medicine.

Some cardiologists are pointing to something called commotio cordis.

“With commotio cordis, a blow to the chest occurs at a very specific moment in the cardiac cycle,” said Woods. “Which is really just a millisecond. If it occurs at that one event, then it can throw the heart into dysrhythmia and then it stops pumping blood effectively to the organs, including the brain,” said Woods.

Jim Raynor with Mercy Sports Medicine said it is premature to make a determination of what happened.

“In the appropriate amount of time that will take place,” said Raynor. “We’ll wait to see from the clinicians that are providing the care.”

Both Raynor and Woods said they still encourage participation in sports.

“It isn’t without risk of course, but it is certainly safer than a lot of other endeavors that are out there,” said Woods. “Our children here in the Ozarks are safe. I know in the medical community, we practice for these scenarios.”