SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — With the Nov. 8 midterm elections just under a week away, local officials around the region are gearing up to familiarize themselves with newly updated election laws in Missouri.

Christian County Clerk Kay Brown said election judges have been in training for the past couple of days.

With over 75% voter turnout expected from Christian County, local election judges will have their hands full with the county’s 28 polling locations.

“We’ve been training … our election judges to get them ready for this election so they are up to date on all of these newest changes in the law for this election,” Brown said.

Some of those laws that Brown is talking about is making sure voters know to bring a photo ID with them to the polls. A Missouri driver’s or non-driver’s license will be accepted, as well as a passport or military ID.

However, if voters do not bring a photo ID, they can still cast a provisional ballot, which will be counted after the election if the signature matches the signature on the voter registration.

Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller said if provisional ballots are very likely to be counted in the election.

Voters can also take advantage of the no-excuse absentee voting, which allows voters to vote early without having to give a reason why.