LEBANON, Mo. – A Laclede County prisoner remains in custody after attempting to gain control of a deputy’s service weapon while speaking with a presiding judge.

According to the Laclede County Sheriff’s Office, on March 9, a 31-year-old Lebanon woman who was incarcerated at the Laclede County Detention Center, was brought to a presiding judge. While the judge was speaking to the prisoner, she reached for the deputy’s service weapon.

The Sheriff’s Office said the threat was promptly contained and the inmate was further secured and removed from the courtroom.

A probable cause statement is being prepared and will be submitted to the prosecutor’s office regarding this incident.

“This situation had the potential of being tragic. We have all seen similar events in the news that had an unfortunate outcome,” said Laclede County Captain Pitts in a press release. “The Laclede County Deputies assigned to court security are made up of trained professionals, who are dedicated in keeping the elected officials, courthouse staff and attendees safe. Their training and experience proved effective today, and their efforts are recognized.”