Mo. — Sports betting is still illegal in Missouri right now but this may be the last Superbowl that Missourians will not be able to bet on.

Several bills are legalizing sports betting receiving bipartisan support in the state.

There’s a lot of prop bets out there on the Superbowl. Outside of the number of touchdowns, there are bets like the length of the national anthem, color of the Gatorade bath, and what type of planes do the flyovers.

These bets are so popular across the country and hundreds and millions of dollars will be used in betting on the Superbowl.

Lawmakers say Missouri will be missing out on the money if they don’t legalize sports gambling because people are betting in other ways. For example, going to another state where sports betting is legal.

A representative says there is a lot of support for legalizing sports betting. But one thing to remember is if you are a student athlete, you cannot bet on any sporting event that’s sponsored by the NCAA, that’s including football, basketball, golf, tennis, equestrian, at the amateur, professional or intercollegiate level.

“Well especially this month with the Chiefs and Super Bowl I mean you see certainly a spike in bets there,” said Representative Dan Shaul, “so we tried to put together a bill that will protect the sports entities the athletes and the consumers altogether.”

“Being a student athlete is a privilege,” said Alex Hirdler, assistant director of athletics at Missouri State University, “if you want to be a student athlete in an NCAA institution, you’re going to follow our rules, even though our rules are more strict than the laws that govern the state you live in.”

There are a couple of sports that are not sponsored by NCAA, such as boxing and horse racing. But hurdler says if you are a student athlete, the best thing to do is to not take the bet.