SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Many people have hit the road and taken to the skies this weekend. The long weekend created an opportunity for many to travel as a record-breaking travel season reaches a close. 

Nancy Noll was traveling from Wisconsin and says she’s glad to be home in Springfield after a fun trip away during the last days of summer.  

“I went to see my daughter and then we met up with my other daughter,” said Noll, “and we went up to Mackinac Island for a girl’s trip.” 

Noll had concerns about planning her flight for Labor Day weekend. 

“I was kind of nervous about being Labor Day,” Noll said. “But everything was smooth and everything went on schedule, so I was happy about that.” 

For others, Springfield was their place to get away. Nancy Marihart was travelling from Minneapolis Minnesota and was excited to spend some time in Branson. 

“My husband wants to hit the lakes. He wants to do some paddleboarding and maybe some kayaking,” Marihart said. “So that looks exciting. We like the outdoors so the parks sound great.” 

According to Airfare Tracker Hopper, domestic flights are 11% cheaper than last year. 

Hayley Berg, Lead Economist for Hopper said, “For Labor Day weekend travelers are getting the best value for their dollar headed to bigger cities like New York City, Las Vegas, and Miami.” 

The Springfield-Branson National Airport has seen an increase in passengers up 10% compared to last year. The airport said the growth appears to be the result of a strong local and national economy and a pent-up demand for travel. 

 “I think people realize how great it is to have the freedom to go about,” said Marihart. “To do whatever you want to do and see places again.”