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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — On Nov. 8, Missourians decided to legalize recreational marijuana. Medical marijuana has been legal since Missourians voted in favor of it in 2018.

Does recreational marijuana being legalized make medical marijuana redundant? The answer is no, according to Chip Sheppard, a local attorney and marijuana reform advocate.

“The reason a medical card is beneficial is that if you do have an ailment and you want to be a patient, it’s a lower price for the marijuana,” Sheppard said.

Amendment 3 made medical marijuana cards valid for three years instead of one year, Sheppard said.

Medical marijuana will continue to be taxed at 4%. Recreational marijuana will be taxed higher: 6% by the state. Local governments can add an additional 3% as well.

Medical marijuana cards are acquired through diagnoses of medical conditions through Missouri physicians. There is a wide range of medical diagnoses that allow a person to acquire a medical marijuana card.