SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – An investigation continues in Springfield after police found stolen vehicles at a property in town.

At the property on South Farm Road 133, officials with the Springfield Police Department confirmed they recovered stolen vehicles, campers, and various equipment.

Officers first came out to the property on Thursday evening.

On Friday, law enforcement could still be found searching the property and hauling items off.

We saw police loading up water heaters.

SPD officials said one person has been arrested and could face multiple charges of tampering and stealing.

Investigators said VIN, which is the vehicle identification number, had been removed from the stolen vehicles. The removal will cause finding who owns the stolen vehicles more difficult.

Neighbors Ozarksfirst spoke with said the property started filling up with items within the past six months. They also mentioned they have seen someone working on cars in the middle of the night.SPD said with this being an active investigation, this is all the information that will currently be released.