BRANSON, Mo. — Locals call the Branson Strip on Highway 76 the artery to the heartbeat of Branson. The Branson Board of Aldermen is set to pass an agreement to continue to improve 76 Country Boulevard.

The 76 Entertainment Community Improvement District has agreed to pay the funds needed for the city to pay local utility companies to put power lines along the strip underground.

“Making a nicer walkway, and getting the utility lines underground,” said Keith Francis. “That was the whole idea of the project, to begin with.”

Director of Public Works and Engineering for the City of Branson, Keith Francis, says the agreement will allow them to execute contracts with utility companies to get powerlines put underground.

“I think everybody is ecstatic about that, just to get the eyesore of the overhead powerlines underground and to see what a big difference it’s going to make in the streetscape there,” said Francis.

“I think everyone is really excited to do something,” said Gale Myer, chairman for the 76 Entertainment Community Improvement District (CID). “We’ve talked about this for a long, long time and now it’s about time to put the rubber to the road and start implementing all of that discussion, all of that planning that we’ve done to this point.”

Myer is expected to sign the agreement Tuesday, July 13, for the CID to pay $1.6 million in construction costs.

However, Myer says this is only the beginning of a project budgeted $69 million to create more of a buzz around the Branson Strip.

City leaders will still have to approve two more contracts with local utilities, and then those companies will have to order materials which could take another three to six months.