HOWELL COUNTY, Mo. – The Howell County Sheriff released a statement on Friday, November 26 regarding allegations against a Howell County Sheriff’s Office employee.

On November 24, allegations of sexually-inappropriate behavior were reported to the sheriff’s office.

The allegations were forwarded to the Missouri Department of Social Services and an investigation was conducted.
As a result of the investigation’s findings, the Sheriff’s Office employee was arrested by the Missouri State Highway Patrol and charged.

Sheriff Brent Campbell then addressed the Howell County community in his statement.

“As with all matters that erode the integrity and efficiency of your Office of Sheriff, I want to reinforce to the community that an internal investigation shall be administered in order to discover any potential points of failure in order mitigate such matters. Lastly, as your Sheriff, I have been bestowed the greatest honor, which is to Lead in the service and protection of our community with integrity and transparency that will continue a forged trust.”

The West Plains School District later released a statement regarding the incident.

“On Thursday, November 25, 2021, West Plains School District administrators received a report that the South Fork Elementary school resource officer, contracted through the Howell County Sheriff’s Office, had alleged inappropriate conduct with a student. This incident allegedly occurred recently, outside the workday, and did not involve a South Fork student,” writes Dr. Lori Wilson, superintendent of West Plains School District.

The statement went on to express the district’s commitment to students’ education and says they are working with local law enforcement to investigate the incident.

Dr. Wilson expressed that the district’s top priority is the best interest of its students.