SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Real Estate experts say it’s a seller’s market, which means you might be selling your home.

Local moving company Two Men and A Truck’s General Manager and Co-Owner Clinton Bergman spoke with Ozarksfirst.com to provide essential tips and tricks to effectively declutter your home for potential buyers.

  1. Think like a potential buyer.

“So I think three things probably can help guide us in this mindset. And they all revolve around space… we’re all visual and we want to be able to see that there’s openness and that there’s room to create, there’s room to do things and that someone’s not confined,” said Bergman. “You want to create openness.”

One way you can do this is by having no obstructions when a buyer is walking through the home. You don’t want them to walk around a coffee table or end table.

2. Declutter your walls and bookshelves.

Bergman recommends taking down your pictures and storing them in the garage or a storage unit.

“Look at your bookshelf, maybe thin it out a little bit, maybe have 50% full capacity versus a bookshelf that’s completely full of items and things that you love… But to a potential buyer, they want to see that the bookshelf is bigger potentially than what it is or makes the room look bigger,” said Bergman.

He recommends cleaning everything off your bathroom and kitchen counters.

3. Make your own move easy

As for moving boxes, Bergman says you should coordinate your boxes with colored tape or stickers or at the very least write the name of the destination of the box on the side rather than the top.

“When movers come in and they start stacking boxes… they’re not going to see the top of the box because there’s a box on top of it,” said Bergman. “So it’s really easy even for them to organize the boxes in the back of the truck by color or by name.”

According to Bergman, this type of prepping will save you time and which in turn will also lower the bill.