SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Local banks and loan companies have pledged almost $2 million to help encourage homeownership among Springfield residents and enhance the quality of homes in the city.

The “Restore SGF” program is a way for businesses to help Springfield’s low-to-moderate income neighborhoods and help improve the community. City officials drew inspiration from Des Moines, Iowa in implementing the program. They launched the effort in 2020, hoping to get more people to move to heritage neighborhoods, which are mostly located in the central and north part of town.

Brian Fogle, the president of Community Foundation of the Ozarks, said the non-profit pledged over $20,000 over five years, which will add up to $100,000 in funding for Restore SGF.

“Restore SGF continues to build momentum and excitement regarding funding and implementation,” said Fogle. “Thank you to Commerce Bank, Central Bank, OakStar Bank, Bancorp South, and Legacy Bank for their pledges.”

The community initiative will use the funds from these businesses for major home renovations, home loans in targeted neighborhoods, and support certain home projects.

City leaders say by restoring old homes, tearing down others, and building new ones, neighborhoods could welcome residents from across the socio-economic scale.

Any curious businesses can call Brian Fogle at 417-864-6199 with any questions about making a pledge or about Restore SGF.