POLK COUNTY, Mo. – Farmers in the Ozarks are stepping in to help a friend who is suffering from cancer.

Nearly a dozen volunteers from Polk County have mowed, baled hay or helped with livestock while Paul Denseth deals with lymphoma.

“We first heard about this two or three weeks ago with our friend who came down with lymphoma,” said Nathaniel McKnight, one of the volunteers. “We offered, told him, you know, ‘we’ll help you get your fall hay up because his legs are swelling and lots of pain.'”

Neighbors and family members helped organize the effort with the help of Denseth’s wife.

“She sent us maps of the farm and all that, and everybody got in and started working Tuesday to try to get all the fall hay put up in the next three or four days just to get it done so they’ll have winter feed for their cattle,” McKnight said.

He said efforts like this are almost the standard in rural communities.

“In the farm country, that’s just how it is. If somebody gets sick, ill, or anything like that happens, Every friend and neighbor just jumps in and gets the job done. It’s just part of it, just how it needs to happen.”

McKnight said volunteers have mowed about 160 acres of hay and have gotten almost a thousand bales.

“I’ve known paul for 20 years or more probably,” McKnight said. “He’s just been a pillar of the community and has always helped out.”