HOUSTON, Mo. – Police Chief Brad Evans sent KOLR10 a statement regarding an incident that happened at a gas station in Houston, Missouri.

KOLR10 received body camera video from an argument that happened on November 27. At around 4:30 p.m., a Houston Police Officer is seen heading into a gas station. Once inside, the officer approaches a man. The officer explains he received a call about an intoxicated man that drove to the gas station. The officer ends up detaining the man while continuing to investigate.

Viewer discretion is advised for explicit language in the video below.

The officer then asks the gas station owners, one of which is Mayor Willy Walker, if he can see surveillance video to confirm the man was driving while intoxicated. The mayor responds to the officer, saying “my cameras aren’t for you guys ever.” The mayor proceeds to tell the officer the cameras are private and he would like a written statement requesting surveillance video.

The body cam video then shows another man shouting expletives at the officer. The mayor then asks why the officer is at the gas station. The officer explains he received a call about an intoxicated man and is trying to prove he was driving under the influence and keep him off the road. The mayor then says, “we’re not doing that. I would never do that for any citizen. These are private cameras. I’m not with people getting watching all the time or anything like that.”

In the video, the other man then shouts expletives at the officer, asking him to leave.

Police Chief Evans sent a statement at 8:30 p.m. sharing his thoughts on the incident.

“This was an unfortunate and completely avoidable incident. I would like to commend Officer Jordan for his actions while dealing with this volatile situation. Officer Jordan showed a tremendous amount of professionalism and restraint when faced with a challenging situation and should be recognized for his actions. The Houston Police Department will always remain transparent and do everything in our power to protect our community.”  

Chief Brad Evans, Houston Police Department

KOLR10 reached out to the city of Houston for an interview with Mayor Willy Walker. The city clerk told KOLR10 he was out of the office today, Dec. 15.