SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A historically black church celebrates its 175th year in Springfield.

“It means resilience. And I think that’s the word. When I think of Pitts Chapel,” said Tracy Wolff, pastor of Pitts Chapel United Methodist Church.

Months of restoration and preparation for a church that is a big part of Springfield’s history. Pitts Chapel is one of the last of the four predominantly black churches in the Springfield area. The building is 175 years old.

“This spot is a big deal because when you look around, there’s nothing left of this historically black community,” said Wolff.

After being closed since 2019 due to COVID and the building being in bad shape, they are finally opening back up.

Due to the safety of the building, the congregation has been meeting in the basement of Pitt’s Chapel every week for a couple of years as renovations continue.

Through community efforts and grants they have raised more than one hundred thousand dollars for multiple repairs to the building.

Fixing the ceilings, and stained glass windows and putting in new carpet in the sanctuary. They are even working on making the building accessible for everyone. The open house will be Sunday from 2 pm to 4 pm.

They encourage everyone to come and walk through to see all they have done to the building and celebrate with them.